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Because you should be in control—it’s your home, after all.
That’s why she makes sure you know all the ins and outs. Stephanie is a former teacher and Vice Principal. She loves helping people understand the whole process.

And that’s how her whole team operates. Making sure you know everything that’s happening and why. They also make themselves available for you by responding quickly to you by text, phone, or email. They want to alleviate your stress so you can enjoy this exciting process. Steph wants you feel great about your home-buying or home-selling decisions.

Stephanie wants you to feel right at home in Visalia so she has created a guidebook for you to help you acclimate to our city quickly. She also created the YouTube channel Visalia Love which highlights the local business, people, and places that make Visalia so great!

We’re plugged in—and that’s a plus for you

It’s all about who you know, right? Well, we know the other trusted agents in the Visalia, Three Rivers, and Exeter areas. And now—you know us.

Knowing agents who have motivated, pre-approved buyers ready to move can save you time and make the process a whole lot easier on you. Other agents like working with us, too. Our strong relationships with them make negotiations so much easier. We’re in good standing, so we trust each other. And we can get a deal done that’s great for everyone. That adds up to an efficient, financially advantageous outcome for you.

There are also lenders to consider. Not all lenders are honest or care about clients. Some will dismiss you. Others will bend over backward to make it work for you. Some are in another state just trying to make a commission. Others are local— invested in the community and its people. We know which lenders you can trust—the lenders that, like us, will care about you and doing the right thing.


The one-stop-shop real estate company for buying, selling, design, and construction

Honesty and respect

No surprises. We keep you informed. Have a question? Ask it. We’ll gladly answer. If we’re scheduling showings, we’ll make it work for your schedule.

Relentless research

We want you to have all the info before signing. If we don’t already know it, we’ll find out for you. We won’t stop until we’ve answered all your questions.

Strategic negotiation

Experience. Knowing your options. Professional relationships. We’ll use all our tools to negotiate a favorable deal for the house you love.

Obsessively responsive

We stay on top of it. We keep you informed of every step. We check in with you regularly. And we respond to you quickly. We won’t leave you hanging.